About Me

As a teacher I am enthusiastic and motivated to inspire all students in my classes to achieve success. I promote a safe and supportive learning environment to engage all students and allow them the best opportunity to participate in effective learning. To ensure this transpires I employ teaching and learning strategies that reflect current trends and cater for the needs and intelligences of each individual in the class.

I believe Physical Education is a very important part of the school curriculum as it enables each student the opportunity to not only develop their fundamental motor skills, but also to improve their social skills, leadership skills, self confidence, self esteem and self discipline.

I focus on incorporating high level participation from each student in every lesson to facilitate skill development in a fun and exciting environment. I immerse all students in a wide range of experiences enabling them to learn actively and independently.


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  1. Hi Corey, great blog! I’ve added you to the Australian Education Blogs site under the Secondary index.

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