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Google Sheets Add-ons for Education

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Add-ons are tools created by third party developers that enhance the functionality of Google Docs, Sheets and Forms. This allows users access to more features and creative freedom.

You can install an Add-on from ‘Get add-ons’ under the ‘Add-ons’ tab in Google Docs and Sheets.

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Here are the Google Sheets Add-ons I have found to be very useful for education.


Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 5.17.01 pmautoCrat is a mail merge tool that takes data from a Google Sheet and merges it in a personalised Google Doc or another Sheet. This data can be collected via a Google Form or entered manually into a Sheet. Users can map data using <<merge tags>> as placeholders to insert data from the Sheet into their template. autoCrat can be set to run its merge on submission of a Google Form, enabling the template to be automatically populated as a personalised Doc. This newly created Doc can be emailed to the user as a PDF or a view only Google Doc. autoCrat can be used in many different ways including creating certificates, feedback, rubrics, portfolio pieces and letter writing.

EZ Query

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EZ Query allows users to manipulate spreadsheet data without having to know how to write any formulas. Users can add numerous filters to columns to sort data in a new sheet. Any additional data entered into the spreadsheet will automatically be sorted by the filters that the user has set up.


FlubaroScreen Shot 2015-04-24 at 5.00.54 pmo allows teachers to immediately view and analyse assessment results.  Teachers create a Google Form assessment, multiple choice questions work best. Once students complete the Form teachers run the Flubaroo Add-on for the populated Google Sheet to grade the assessment. A new ‘Grades’ sheet is created with an overview of all students results.

  • If less than 60% of students get a question correct, that question is highlighted orange.
  • If students scored less than 70% on the assessment they are highlighted in red.

This allows teachers to focus their teaching at the point of needs of their students. Teacher’s have the ability to email results to students.

Split Names

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Split Names separates names in a Google Sheet that have been collected from a Google Form. Names can be split by first, middle, surname and title. This is an easy to use tool to separate students names when they are entered in the wrong convention.