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Morning Fitness Sessions

Morning Fitness takes place every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning for 10mins from 8.50am – 9.00am. This program allows students to participate in extra structured physical activity outside of their weekly Physical Education and Sport lessons.

The program provides students with activities that allow them to:


  • Be physically active
  • Develop fundamental motor skills
  • Promote cooperative teamwork skills
  • Develop confidence

We have seen many benefits from this program including:

  • Students eager to get school to take part in these activities
  • Students being more alert for the start of their formal lessons
  • Students learning new games that they can use at recess and lunch with their friends

Each class is timetabled a different activity each week. The classroom teachers facilitate these sessions ensuring all students are actively involved.

At the start of each term the activities change to keep students enthused about Morning Fitness.

This term all activities require no equipment. This is fantastic from an organisational point of view as no equipment needs to be collected and passed on to the next class. When equipment is required to be moved between classes I utilise the assistance of the Year 6 Health & Physical Education Leaders.

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