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Twitter is a powerful professional learning tool. Thousands of Physical Education teachers from all over the world are already using Twitter to share ideas, collaborate and learn together to improve their Physical Education programs.


Using Google Forms teachers can create a more efficient and effective workflow. Collecting student information for sport selections, carnival entries and unit reflections can be done instantly, easily analysed and organised to suit your needs.

Google+ Staff Community – CEO Presentation

Melbourne GAFE Summit

Our 12 month GAFE Journey – From Zero to Hero

At the Melbourne Summit in 2013 St Francis Xavier Primary School was new to Google Apps For Education. Since then they have successfully implemented GAFE for all staff and students in Year 1 – 6 and a 1:1 Chromebook program in Year 5 & 6. Drive, Calendar, Sites, Gmail and Google+ are now embedded into their school culture. In this session Corey will outline how his school is using these tools and the steps and strategies he used to transform the teaching and learning through GAFE.

Implementing Chromebooks in our Schools

The implementation of Chromebooks at St Francis Xavier has opened up a world of new possibilities in Learning and Teaching.  These cost effective devices are designed for the Google Apps ecosystem and are easily managed from the Admin Console.  This has allowed our school to implement a 1:1 program in Years 5 & 6 this year and in 2015 this program will extend to Years 3 – 6. In this session I will introduce the Chromebook and outline how simple it is to enrol the device, set up policies and push out apps and extensions.  This job does not have to be left for your technician. Any teacher with access to the Admin Console will be able to manage these devices.